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Episode 3.19

Ah, such sweet murder and mayhem. This will be, to date, one of my favorite entries.

After discovering the Imperial fleet laying in wait, we figure this will be something that can convince Nym we’re not traitors. We zip back to the militia’s rally point and open broadcast what we’ve discovered. The members of Kota’s militia that are capable of critical thinking have ascertained the whole Op is a trap and are leaving for more survivable locales. All that remain are Kota’s original veterans and Nym’s group. Nym is apparently immune to reason and logic, and still wants us in custody on his ship. Stupid meatbag. He continues advancing on us, and I take a shot at his ship that doesn’t work out so well.

After finding a comparatively safe spot in the system, we decided to get the Hidden Hand repaired as best we could, and have one of the Force users working their fancy magic to get a feel for when Kota dropped out of Hyperspace and arrived in the system.

It’s a waste of time, right? We’re not actually going to pick a fight with a huge, well-prepared Imperial fleet, right?


At least our end will be glorious battle! Skyron senses Kota’s presence, finally, and manages to convey the nature of the problem. We zip to the militia’s holding spot in system to rendezvous with the militia while Kota is around to reign in Nym’s psychotic tendencies. We arrive to find that Kota has decided to go through with the assault despite being aware it’s a trap.

I don’t even know.

So we go in after him, of course, and this is when the fun part starts. Even if it seems likely to be the last part. We drop out of warp into the middle of battle! The place is crawling with Tie fighters, multiple Star Destroyers, Interdictor-class Destroyers, Sullustan Defense force fighters, what I like to call a target-rich environment. I was feeling wealthy. I started shooting and didn’t stop. I was putting the hurt to multiple Ties, Skyron was bringing the pain and helping finish them off.

Nym’s little group was popping the Orbital Docking Station, and the galleons that were parked there. Denjo decided his contribution to the battle would be to use his precious Force to throw the ODS into Sullusts atmosphere. Ambitious! He actually got it move a little, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Turns out you apparently need some additional training to move nearly a million tons of mass. The Force continues to be useless during this fight!

I am surprised. Were my face capable of expressing silly human emotions, I would have my surprised face on right now.

Kota directs us to hit the surface targets with strafing runs, then meet up the other side of the planet while his portion of the fleet attempts to outrun the interdictors. On our way into atmo, I manage to burn up some more ties, Greedo helps our allies keep entire Tie wings stymied, and we nearly get cooked by Sullustan’s defensive nuclear missiles. Guess they don’t need their ozone layer. Compared to other humanoids, I suppose Sullustans physical appearance would be improved by radioactive mutations. One of the blasts nearly cooks the other meatbags on-board, but Marma’s piloting and Tarash’s manipulation of the shielding frequency’s manages to spare me that clean-up chore.

Attempting to enter atmo of hostile planet is always a daunting task in this day and age. The defense systems in place are quite daunting, thorough, and generally fall into the category of Overkill. This however, allows for tremendous glory for those on the front lines of the assault. The meatbags on this ship are proving rather worthy of some grudging respect. Marma’s piloting was incredible, Greedo managed to simply jam the vast majority of incoming missiles, Tarash adjusted the shielding frequencies on the fly and Skyron and I mopped up just about anything that got close.

Looks like the strafing runs are going to be largely successful. We’ve got some distance between us and the next batch of Ties, and Marma takes us in. Tarash seems to be doing something with a scanner, isolating heat signatures, looking for civilians. Whatever. I get the job done, targeting the structurally significant portions of the building necessary to bring it crashing down. We dust the building just as the Ties start to close with us, and we jet.

On the way out, Marma uses the tunnels to ditch our followers again, but this time a couple of the Ties are sufficiently courageous\dumb to follow us into the tunnels. After missing a few shots, I realize I can just shoot the roof and at least get some space on the Ties. Unrelated note, but apparently the Sullustan civilians keep homes lining the inside of these caves. Anyway, this portion of the roof I shoot also has a home attached to it, and it worked out nicely, the added weight bringing down enough debris to pop the two Ties. Winning!

That whole section is going into my personal highlight reel. So glad I have this video recorder installed. Glory in 3d! Got some new training material for Kota’s group.

So, we get to the other side of the planet, and head back out into space. We find Kota’s group limping along, just out of range of the Interdictor we initially ran into, but still in range of a new one on this side. The Interdictor on this side of the planet is accompanied by a large size Star Destroyer. Interesting. Very interesting.

We get a message from Kota insisting we use our nuclear bomb on the new Interdictor, and apparently Marma is confident she can get past the shields allowing us a shot at it. We pick off a few more Ties on the way over, careful to keep it between us the big Star Destroyer. Nym and his crew fly over to run interference and give cover fire, which reduces my desire to kill this annoying meatbag to some extent.

Greedo: Nym’s coming over, he’s coming to HELP, right?
Skyron: Hmm, yes, yes he is. He is somehow surviving the undivided attention of that Star Destroyer, so let’s just hope, not much else we can do at the moment.

Greedo: hmph

Marma manages to pull off some seriously fancy flying, and I head down to help Tarash and the the other droids toss the bomb over to the Interdictor. We come in just right, Marma flips us around right on queue, and the bombs away! Such magnificent destructive power NEEDS to be used, so exciting!

As we zip back out of the shields and put some distance in, Tarash can’t quite bring himself to pop the button on the bomb, apparently too many “innocenet” civilians on the ship that will be directly responsible for our immediate deaths. I volunteer. Emphatically. Oh this is going to be glorious. I get up to my gunnery port and get a good view of the Interdictor. Beep! BOOOMPH!

Oh fantastic.

That video is definitely on the highlight reel. After the blaswave exits the sides, the thing cracks in half. If you look closely, you can actually see meatbags being forcibly ejected into the vacuum of space!

A cheer comes from comms and everyone warps out. Party is over, but oh, what a party.

We head to the rendezvous on Nym’s planet and get ready for a debriefing. We’re parked in a large area dedicated to holding Kota’s fleet. Kota calls us over for debriefing, and congratulations. However, the mood is a bit more somber than we were expecting. Apparently there is some suspicion that either we let the Imps know about our assault on Sullust, or are somehow unwittingly helping the Imps somehow. Nym, being a worthless, insulting meatbag, and decidedly ungrateful for saving the entire fleet back at Sullust wants to dismantle our ship looking for bugs. We make an arrangement with Kota to do a full scan ourselves and report back asap.

Low and behold, during our scan, we locate serious software bugs that have been transmitting audio and position at regular intervals for quite some time now. Apparently a previous meatbag associated with this group was an employee of Imperial Intelligence, and had bugged the Hidden Hand. We were irate.

We head back to Kota’s ship and explain the situation. He understands, but is insistent on personally seeing to the debugging of our ship.

Then it happens. I feel Her before I see Her. Her warm, loving Will surrounds and runs through my circuits. She’s back! Bail Organa has brought Kreyalla back to celebrate our victory. Oh wow, this is an interesting day.

Everything just starts making sense, everything is going to be Ok now.

We head out with Master Kota to get the ship cleaned out. As we head over to the ship, the air raid sirens flare up, Master Kota senses something and just reacts, and we all take cover. A few instants later, a nearby freighter explodes, and Ties zip by overhead. They’re here, and it’s our fault. Also, I’m going to have serious words with whoever is responsible for electronic warfare in Kota’s group. And by “serious words”, I mean shoot them with my blaster.


OOC: Why did Kota go through with it? To be honest, maybe he shouldn’t have. I really need a co-GM. Deep down, this scene was something that I really wanted to see happen. But I knew that I wanted it to be a trap, with Imperial fleet waiting. They were supposed to know about it due to the virus implanted in the root of your ship’s computer by Kal Auken. When you guys jumped across the system, a part of me figured it’d be cool for you guys to see that it was a trap, so as to have a sense of dread, but be too late to do anything about it. I could have handled that in a way that motivated PCs and NPCs to continue with the mission. Given the chance to explain this away, I’d add something about the militia not believing you that it was a trap, hoping that it was just hearsay that prevented them from enacting an op 6 months in the planning.

At any rate, it seemed like people had fun. I do need to watch what kind of plot I give away off the cuff, especially at the end of a game session.

Episode 3.19

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