The Corellian Company

Episode 3.20

HK-MP5-G3-11 Memory log:

So then, thanks to the slack-jawed drooling meatbag in charge of electronic warfare for Kota’s Militia falling down on the job, the Imp’s followed us home. Apparently no one is in charge of monitoring communication transmissions in system, and no one is assigned to monitor incoming ships, so the Imps followed our onboard tracking device straight here.

Kota doesn’t have time to make it back to his ship, so he gets on ours and hits the holocom room to start extracting what’s possible from this sudden unpleasantness.

Priority ONE is to see to Kreyalla’s safety. I strap her into the safest seat in the ship and we expedite our exit. I get on guns with Skyron and quietly hope She will be ok. I have to rely on this ragtag group of meatbags to maintain her well-being and they had better not fail me.

I am feeling hostile.

A couple wings of Ties give us their undivided attention, and Marma starts to work her piloting magic. However, something else catches my attention. The Imps have rigged a couple Tie Bombers with Capital Ship killing missiles. Guess what just moved to the top of my targeting list?! That is going to be a glorious explosion.

Unfortunately, the bombers are using their fellow Ties as cover to get in close to the capital ship. They get their first salvo off, which inflicts some pain on Kota’s ship, but not enough to bring it down. I pop the covering Tie in an explosion that itself does enough damage to the Bombers to get their attention.

Without cover, and with the death of a few more Ties, the bombers start taking some damage. I manage to pop one finally, and the boom has been recorded for posterity. Skyron nails another one, and we manage to inflict enough damage on the remaining two that they determine the better portion of valor is survival.

While this is happening, Marma and Gweedo are working miracles to keep us alive while under the scrutiny to two Tie wings. Gweedo managed to hack their comms briefly to startle them into just missing what would have been a rather damaging volley. These meatbags are rising to the occasion.

Gweedo is in communication with a couple of Kota’s transports that are each dealing with their own wing of Ties, and losing badly. We had been heading for the cover of a massive sandstorm, and they agreed to reverse and do a flyby to try and bracket our opposing Tie wings. This didn’t work out, as we simply had too many of our own Ties to deal with and missed the opportunity. They ended up getting eaten by the Ties, which would have happened anyway, but still.

We finish off our Ties and the few still harassing Kota’s ship as we hit the sandstorm and gain cover. Safe, for now.

We land and transfer Kota back to his frigate, after agreeing on a rendezvous at Arbra. We then decide to pick up any survivors from the transports that went down earlier.

Kreyalla has a softening effect.

We decide to make use of the little fighter we have onboard, and Skyron takes off to check the other site for survivors.

We get lucky and catch a couple Ties strafing the downed transport. You’d think they’d at least want the scrap, but hey, I don’t judge. I manage to do enough damage that they skitter off to hide in the sandstorm. Skyron finds some survivors, but is shortly found by a couple more Ties. Judging from what I could see while monitoring from the ships camera, he avoided getting strafed into oblivion by about three inches. I think the Force may actually be with him. He pulls some serious moves in his fighter and gets away from the Ties, heads our way, and destroys the two skulking Ties that had escaped us.

We quickly pick up the survivors from our wreck and head over to pick up the remaining. Skyron knocks out two more Ties that pop out on us, and frees us up to pick up the last of the survivors. Now, it’s time to get off this rock.

As we’re heading out of atmo, we note a substantial Imperial fleet presence on the other side of the planet. Lok and his Revenants are getting chewed on, and Lok is now using the Hidden Hand as an invective, so we decide to do a micro-jump, get a safe spot, and strip out the damn bugs.

Then another Star Destroyer warps in, much too close for comfort. This one rings a bell, though. It’s listing heavily to port, and I realize it’s the Interdictor that was on the other side of Sullust when we nuked it’s sister.

It looks like it’s taken some fairly serious internal damage, as there’s no apparent surface damage, but it’s visibly listing to port. Then we get hailed. This should be interesting.

It’s Denjo.

He asks for rescue, he can’t hold the ship together much longer. Something doesn’t seem quite right. Not that anything ever had, really. His voice has a strange tone, an underlying tremor that spoke of something amiss. Skyron reached out through the Force, and he described something dark, and incredibly powerful within Denjo. Always a bad sign. I talk to Kreyalla and ask her opinion. She reaches out and shares her vision with me.

Tremendous Dark Side power, that special Sith flavor I remember from my time serving with General Grievous. It wraps around and entwines with the identity of Denjo, still dark, but weaker and uncertain. Kreyalla’s reaction is pure fear mixed with deep worry for Denjo. He cannot come on this ship. Its the same sort of power that consumed her father, Inquisitor Phage, and turned him to terrible cruelty and evil. I can feel her heart breaking for Denjo, to see him consumed by such a powerful Dark force, but she understands that such power is overwhelming, and Denjo would be unable to control it and keep it from hurting us or forcing us to hurt Denjo.

Marma can save anyone, and decides to take a shot regardless of our warnings. It’s just her way. Then Kreyalla goes to her, and shares her Force vision.

Marma turns us away, and plots a mini-jump to a safe spot. She’s crying, weeping at the loss of her friend. As she engages the hyper-drive, a shocked cry powered by the Force emanates from the troubled Interdictor, giving us all a small hint of the complete desolation and agony our betrayal has inflicted on Denjo. He has turned completely to the Dark Side.

As we drop out of warp, we sit in contemplative silence for a bit. Kreyalla and Marma are crying over the loss of Denjo, Skyron is meditating on what he sensed. Gweedo and Tarash are in their quarters keeping busy, just a meatbag way of dealing with emotional turmoil.

Then we pick up the pieces and move on. The bugs are stripped from the ship, and the route to Arbra is plotted. Once we finish cleaning out the bugs and installing the counter-measures, we head out and meet up with Kota again.

He offers us a place in his militia, but we politely decline. We’re more special ops, independent types and wouldn’t fit in. We will keep in touch and assist with future ops should he have need of us, but we’re moving on.

We arrive at a crossroads. Our future from here is uncertain, but I finally see some stability, and I’m with Kreyalla, which is all that really matters.


That was really great, Dan. Exactly the right embellishments to take the story to another level of completeness. It added emotional complexity and invented realistic justification for what happened. Awesome.

Episode 3.20

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