The Corellian Company

Episode 4.0

And so it begins slowly.

We take a brief respite on Arbra and finish up business with Kota. We offered our services for special ops, and it turns out he has one in mind for us. Rahm asks us to look into disrupting a Trandoshan gang running Wookie slaves. They’re using an un-inhabited but habitable planet adjacent to Kashyyk as their base, and run a small black market out of their base.

This could be useful, as we need access to a black market. Skyron wants to beef up his Aethersprite, Tarash needs a workshop and some materials, Gweedo needs…actually, no idea what he’s up to, but I may need his contacts to hook me up with the mods I need. Flying locomotion isn’t hard to come by, but the shield modules I want are restricted.

If, after we get what we need, things start to blow up, well, these things happen.

Kreyalla spends some time sorting out what happened with Denjo. She talks to Kota, and they work on it together briefly. Kota seems deeply saddened, but he is piecing together what happened. He promises Kreyalla to use his power and connections to look into what can be done for Denjo.

We head out for Ambria, and Marma isn’t in a good place emotionally when doing the hyper-space calculations, so we get to spend a couple weeks in transit to Ambria. She’s decided to take her leave of our group, and plans to get herself a little ship and head out on her own asap. The loss of Denjo has hurt her more than we might have thought, I suspect.

We finally arrive and find a rather well-gaurded black market in place. A distinctly Trandoshan voice hails us and asks our business. Gweedo makes himself useful and manages to talk his way into an invitation for us. The naturally paranoid Trandoshan assign us to one of about 6 caverns they use as a space port.

When we exit, Kreyalla shares her experiences with me. They have wookie slave pens lining the top half of the walls, and caged wookies apparently have a strong…smell. The way she conveyed it to me, it makes me even more pleased than usual to be a machine. She also shares what she senses from them in the Force.

Profound shame, and below that, deep and abiding Hate. To Kreyalla, their Hate and desire for vengeance is almost a palpable entity. I think I’m going to enjoy giving them that opportunity.

But first things first, we need to get some shopping done. Our paranoid host has sent an escort of four rather mean looking Trandoshan thugs. Gweedo takes the lead for wheeling and dealing. They line up a few random wookiees for our review, and they are a sad lot indeed. Clearly haven’t eaten well in a while, definitely not at full strength, and clearly, the beatings are quite regular and thorough.

Trandoshan: “Here, take your pick of our finesssst offeringssss and be on your way”

Gweedo: “Look, you’re not the first lizard to try and sell me some worthless stinking furball. I need to review your stock, and we need to re-supply and see what your market has to offer.”

We do need to re-supply the ship, and I need grenades. At first our escort are dis-inclined to acquiesce to our request, but Gweedo can be very convincing, and soon we’re wandering the black market proper. Skyron tracks down an ancient, crappy hyperdrive and starts dickering with the owner. Tarash looks it over and comments what he could do with it if he had a proper workshop. Then he runs off and tracks down someone willing to sell him their workshop.

Turns out to be a rather weak black market as far as these things go. No thermal detonators, no droid parts, one crappy hyperdrive. More like a slave market with some random junk lying around. I do some quiet recon and isolate 15 separate guards watching the market. We note some camera coverage that I trace back to a command center.

I make use of my remote camera to scout the command center, noting various and sundry guards, saving a map, noting camera placement, various tactical notations. I get to the heart of the center and find a typical layout, emplacements for monitoring all the cameras, a Trandoshan who is obviously the leader, notable for his attendant slaves and the deference the others give to him.

At this point, there’s an awkward intervention. Despite being super tiny and nearly impossible to see, one of the Trandoshans notices my camera. And manages to shoot it down. Well, that’s obnoxious.

Anyway, time to suit up, this here is a target rich environment, and it has been my experience that the bad guys don’t just shoot themselves. We decide to split up, as we have to do something about the command center, having it direct the efforts of the enemy would make things too hard when we start freeing the slaves. Tarash and I head off to the command center to get the killing started, Skyron and Gweedo head up to the slave pens. They’ll start freeing the slaves once we’ve gained the undivided attention of the command center occupants. Kreyalla agrees to stay on the ship and use the ship guns to help cut off any reinforcements that may come within range in the hangar.

This is going to be fun.



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