The Corellian Company

Episode III.XII(.5)

Denjo Joora Private Holotape, Access Restricted, Sequence Unknown

“Local hero, Tarash the mechanic, stops Corellian business/pirate scam. The press were all over the poor guy. Great news story—civic minded employee sees boss about helping out the company with a shipping problem, winds up shutting down a pirate syndicate and exposing corruption from within.
More attention then I’d like, but I’m happy for Tarash. He’s a good guy, and smart too. Normally knows how to let others handle the spotlight’s heat, but I guess now and again we all get caught up in it. So he’s going to write a novel about it, eh? Good for him. Wish I had time to read.
The torture still weighs heavily upon my mind. I’d like to believe I saved a person or two, maybe spared a couple others from a longer, more painful fate. But I killed people, and learned undoubtedly that I am talented in the force. The force can do such…I’ve done such….there are horrible things a man can inflict upon another. What gets left behind in that exchange?
The group of us headed after a bounty—once we let Tarash have his fifteen minutes and all. We decided on a mother who’d lost her daughter, and was giving a pitance for the return of her child. Still, it was the woman’s life savings and, besides, my companions have better hearts then they let on about.
Gweedo decided to split from the group and approach a local bullyboy. Thought his old habits could rustle up some leads on what happened. Skyron, Marma, Tarash and I walked in to the woman’s flat where we asked after her daughter. They spent some time speaking to her, but I couldn’t help feeling it all was a waste.
All the speeder ride there I knew I could find that girl in an instant. There are ways of locating someone known, feeling them out in the force. I’d known that even before, when I grew up here on Corellia. And when you know something very well, you can follow that thing or person in the ebb and flow of the force. See where it’s been, or where it’s going.
Now, I didn’t know that little girl well enough to track her in the force. But I knew something else. Something I learned in those dark moments on the Lusyanka. Back when I dreamed my friends would come for me, back when I feared my hopes and was tortured in my dreams. You can reach into someone’s mind with the force. You can TAKE that familiarity or knowledge, just rip it out and make it your own. I….I didn’t want to hurt that woman. That little girl’s life was on the line. And time was passing….she’d already been gone a long time before we took the bounty and….well…
She wasn’t happy about the idea. Rejected me entirely at first. The Force is a dirty five letter word nowadays, and I didn’t try to hide the effect this would have on the mother. She asked us to leave and we were headed out. Were almost past the door when she called us back. Skyron wasn’t too happy, but he didn’t have much to go on. Marma looked curious as always, with slight trepidation or something. Never can tell. Tarash was dubious, almost against the idea but what can I say. This was a cold case and we didn’t have too many options.
I…I cannot describe the process. I just don’t know…I took a reading, once I had the mother’s intimate knowledge of her daughter. I wanted to expel the sickness in me after that act, but my mind was focused. Suddenly I was there, with the daughter making her way to school on the last day her mother saw her. I saw where she went and what she did, and I felt her numbness when she was attacked, drugged and abducted.
But it was enough. Despite the numbness I got a feeling from the force on the vehicle used to snatch the girl. We left the apartment with me reaching out to the girl and the van, using the force like a lodestone to guide us there magnetically. We grabbed Gweedo as we left, he’d made some inroads but his lack of progress overall was a non-issue.
We find the van speeder in a trashy neighborhood—there’s a middle aged couple in the house and tons of sheds in their yard, as well as enough junk to start an amateur shipping yard. We split into two groups. Tarash, Skyron and Gweedo try to distract the couple at their door while Marma and I go out back trying to pinpoint where the girl may be held. The couple spooks and we end up fighting in their back yard amongst the half-dissected land speeders and utility bots. Long story short, we lay the two kidnappers low and wait for CorSec to collect them. We bring the girl back to her mother and I feel slightly better about the universe. Not myself, but at least the….
We’re talking a taxi back to our ship, and the Black Reaver comes blasting in out of nowhere. I’m feeling pretty angry. I mean, we just saved a little girl’s life, no matter what we had to do to do so, and this man is wantonly blasting homes and businesses. Killing at random. I reach out with the force and grab his ship. I think, wouldn’t it be grand that some podunk little bounty hunter blasts this ‘ace’ out of the sky. and they do. I didn’t even know I could control something that big.
But that’s it, though. That ship was large, and here I am trying to keep a low profile. what a hipocrit. not only that, but I caused a man’s death. could’ve brought him down, done something else. But I wanted him dead.
I….by the force…I don’t know who I am anymore. What’s wrong with me? And all the worse one of my foremost thoughts is how mad my friends will be. I just lost us a hefty bounty, even if it was only random chance we’d ever find his trail.
I’m using too much. I don’t want to admit it, but the force feels good. I’ve spent all my life hiding my ability and I’ve only ever wanted to help others. But did I help that woman, today? She has her daughter back, but what exactly did she have to lose to do so?
Oh, heavens. There’s a darkness I can taste riding the winds of the force. Out of hyperspace zooms a Star Destroyer, nearly cutting into the planet it appears so close. There is something hunting within that Destroyer. Someone looking at Corellia, looking for something or someone in particular. We’ve been too big here. Laid too much of a presence. I’ve used too much of the force, I’m sure. The ripples might kill us all. We’ve just made it to the Hidden Hand (damn you, Gweedo). I only hope they aren’t really looking for us. Or that we can get away in time. Hopefully this isn’t really the end of my log.”



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