The Corellian Company

Episode III.XIII

By Gweedos_Beard, posted here by Max_Armod, in poor format, but I just want all of the entries to be in order.

From the Desk of Gweedo
Captain of The Hidden Hand
Captain’s Log

Entry 9: Corellia

This was one of the worst starts to a day that we have had in our short time together, and that’s
saying something. In the sky to greet us is none other than a karking Star Destroyer. Imperial troops
are deployed all over the planet searching for Jedi. Apparently our recent exploits have drawn some
unwanted attention. The star port is crawling with Imps. Fortunately Kal and Sexy are on board to stash
some of the less than legal goods we happen to have aboard.

The problem was, how the hell were we supposed to get off of this rock without drawing unnecessary
attention to ourselves? Kal seemed to be pushing for us to simply lay low and wait until the Imps
decided we weren’t worth their time anymore. He seemed to be motivated by something he wasn’t
telling us. That’s fine, we’re all entitled to our secrets, Jabba knows I’ve got more than my share. The
main problem I saw with laying low was that they might impound our ship. The Imps might have even
taken it if they found anything we didn’t want them to. Seeing as how we can’t exactly afford a new
ship, or break our existing one out of a Star Destroyer, I decided it would be prudent to do anything in
our power to get it off planet.

To that end we did have one advantage. They’ve never seen The Hidden Hand before! They knew most
of us by our faces, especially Tarrash since we shoved him in front of the holonet reporters. But Kal gave
me some tips on disguising our people so they would not be recognized. A plan was quickly formed and
put into place.

I picked up some booze for trading, not only would it be a good reason to have a couple of guys helping
me load cargo, but a useful commodity for turning a profit too. Tarrash and Skyron, both freshly
disguised, followed me through the checkpoint with little hassle. The Imp stopped Tarrash for a second
but one quick bark from me and we were on our way again. Marma and Denjo had a tougher time of
it. They didn’t buy Marma’s story about going off planet to watch a sunrise for her birthday. I guess
I’ve been spending too much time with that crazy woman; it seemed like a perfectly reasonable plan
coming from her. Fortunately the guard relented quickly enough when I went back and yelled at him for
stopping my chartered passengers from entering the port.

When we were all aboard we made a hasty escape off planet. Naturally things didn’t go that smoothly
for us though. As soon as we broke atmo the Star Destroyer turned our way and started to hail us. I
wasn’t about to spend a lot of time with pleasantries though. We punched it into hyperspace right

Entry 10: Hyperspace

No repairs to speak of, the ship’s still in good shape from our last round of repairs. The problem is that
it can always get better. We need better maneuvering thrusters, better weapons, a better hyperspace
engine… the list goes on and on. Hopefully we can make some money off the crates of booze we picked
up. Trading could be a good revenue stream if we ever had a chance to get a good supply stream going.

Speaking of which I caught Marma trying to explain the subtleties of economics to Sexy. She was about
to give him some money so he could invest in our trading enterprise. Fortunately she realized that all
the money she was about to give him she would never see again. For some reason she thought that her
potted plants were the safer economical route to take. At least they wouldn’t take her money no matter
how hard she offered.

Entry 11: Ryloth

On Ryloth we’ve split up into a couple of groups. Tarrash and Kal tell me that we need a masked
transponder so we can slip away from anyone that might be tailing us a little easier. As far as I’m
concerned anything that can help is welcome. While they went searching for the parts Marma and I
went about selling our cargo. Denjo, Skyron and Sexy stayed aboard. Denjo and Skyron were meditating
when Marma and I left. Sexy just seemed to be cleaning his wings. Little bugger’s meticulous about
those things.

We made a nice little profit off of our cargo. Not as much as I would have when I was under Jabba’s
employ, but beggars can’t be choosers. We turned our earning right back into the business and bought
some spice. Legal stuff, nothing anyone would think twice about. (Side note: I’d like to get a Wookie.
I know it’s slavery, but having one of those brutes around could be a huge help. Not to mention they
could operate the guns of the Hand better than I can. Tarrash tells me it’s not practical though, it’s
cheaper to just stuff a droid up there. I just think it would be a nice addition to the crew, too many
humans onboard if you ask me.)

Of course as soon as we get back to the ship a familiar sight jumps into orbit. The same Sith forsaken
Star Destroyer that was trying to follow us at Corellia. It didn’t waste any time deploying TIEs and
shuttles to the ground. Neither did we. The transponder mod was installed by the time we were back
aboard and no better time for a test than right that moment. It didn’t help us avoid getting detected,
one of the TIE’s made us as soon as we took off, but they hopefully never knew it was us. Just one of the
dozens of smugglers trying to avoid an Imperial inspection. Soon enough we had a whole squadron on

They tore us up pretty well. Fortunately Tarrash was able to keep us in the sky long enough for Kal to
calculate a jump out of there. Marma did some amazing piloting too. She was muttering some gibberish
that I couldn’t repeat if I tried. But she also managed to dodge a few volleys that didn’t even look like
they had gaps big enough for us to fit through. Just as another squadron was joining in the fray we had
our jump coordinates and were out of the system. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to patch The Hand up
before she sees too much more action. She’s likely to fall apart if not. Next stop Sullust.



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