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Malastarians Get More Then Bargained:

Working With The Empire’s Double-Dealing Tactics Leaves Spaceport Bloodied

An article from the Independence Informer: An elite group of Anti-Imperialists working secretly within the Holonet. As per usual, specific individual name entries [] are given generic descriptors throughout the article with only highest level security users being able to view all the names in question; to protect those fighting for freedom in an oppressed universe.

One of Malastar’s luxurious private docking bays was left in rubble today, the failed attempt of what appears to be a sith shock trooper arresting a renegade Jedi and her companions. A squad of 12 Elite Imperial troops, led by the cybernetically enhanced Guyder, surprised a human woman and her three companions as they were coming out of a ship [The Hidden Hand] inappropriately set-up for that very purpose by the Malastarian government. Property damage is currently calculated at several million credits and at least 16 people are said to be dead—including both the female Jedi and the dark apprentice sent to find her.

Information is being withheld by governments and several specific details are still being debated by our gathering agents, but the following is a fairly accurate account of what happened. The target was a renegade Jedi named Ciadree, absent from the council due to shady prior events to the Emperor’s rise to power. She was being escorted off of a merchant vessel [the Hidden Hand] by several members of its crew; a rodian [Gweedo] and his two human companions [Skyron and Tarrash].

Guyder burst into the bay with his troops, injuring Ciadree and demanding the entire ship be taken into custody. [Gweedo] spoke back and seemed to claim the ship bounty hunters cashing in a prize when the woman, incredulous and angry, struck not only at Guyder but her companions as well.

A force struggle ensues where waves of pure force get tossed between Ciadree and Guyder with the Imperial troops thrown to the ground in a brutal backlash, and then between Guyder and one of the young men [Skyron], with the end result appearing mostly negative for the Sith and his Imperial troops. Guyder’s troops recover and focused their fire on Ciadree—who blocked most of the blaster fire with her light-saber, but was unable to avoid the intense fire from a shock trooper’s flamethrower.

While [Skyron] drew forth a light-saber of his own to hammer Guyder and deflect some of the bolts headed at Ciadree, the other individual [Tarrash] retreated up the ramp and began laying ion fire at Guyder—possibly hoping to disrupt his cybernetic advantage. The rodian [Gweedo] likewise retreated, but his witty banter burst out of the ramp’s entry way, casting aspersions on Guyder’s skills that appeared to bite deep and also bolstered the confidence of [Gweedo] and his friends. Skyron’s attacks beat back several of the imperials—who spent most of their time damaging the bay with their rockets, flame and grenades while doing a surprisingly little amount of damage to their intended targets.

A couple of crew members on board the ship activated the turrets and began firing back, although the overhead turret took some time before responding and we don’t know why. They proceeded to lay a rain of fire which blasted apart the private bay and forced the majority of the storm troopers to flee—those left alive to do so, anyway.

Two young men appeared at the top of the ramp. One appeared stern and hardened, with a face that seemed too serious for his own good. He let fly a laser blast at a trooper that went wide. Later, he was said to lay covering fire for his companions, even striking from the shadows to snipe down a storm trooper just recovering from a slam.

The other man had an odd looking hand, which he pointed at the flamethrower. We believe this man to also be a force user, making this crew extremely unusual in its composition. The stormtrooper with the flamethrower flew right into a barricade and died upon impact—the brutal force of which exploded a barricade and set fire to several storm troopers behind. Further evidence of his force vocation came about when his hand ignited in a Light-saber like glow and burst through the chest of a trooper who attempted to enter the ship.

There may have been someone on board who was injured and in shock, we believe this individual was undergoing medical treatment and may not even have been aware of the fight. Further reports on this individual are heavily classified and difficult even for us to obtain.

During the midst of the crisis, the sith man levitated down from the sky to spit in the face of the jedi woman. They exchanged words and high-powered satellites were only able to pick up bits and peices. Guyder was apparently sent to kill the woman Ciadree, and remove something important to her that he said “would make a lovely plaything for my master.”

Ciadree appeared grief-stricken, allowing Guyder to surprise her with a thermal detonater she was somehow able to survive. Returning to the skies, Ciadree was lured into following Guyder when an Imperial comrade of his struck Ciadree squarely in the back with a proton missile launcher. She was completely disintegrated by the anti-vehicular weapon’s vehement blast. Angrily, the young Jedi with the saber hand on the ramp gestured once, and the proton missile launcher was lifted out of the trooper’s startled grip. Casting a baleful glare, [Denjo] walked up the ramp calling for his companions.

By this time, the turrets had badly damaged the structure and the top turret began firing at the rooftop enclosure. After taking a devastating direct blow from [Skyron]‘s flung saber , Guyder retreated to the top of the [Hidden Hand] to recover his bearings and fend off [Gweedo]’s nagging insults. As the last of the [Hidden Hand]’s crew rushed back on board, the pilot rammed the ceiling doing damage both to it and Guyder who was only barely able to avoid being completely smashed between the two.

Landing on the fire-streaked floors below, Guyder barely had time to look up before the bottom turret was once more activated and he disappeared in a haze of heavy blaster bombardment. Reports are sketchy at best, and the Malastarian government is cracking down on the entire fiasco, but agents in the field believe both Ciadree and Guyder to have been completely vaporized.

The ship blasted out of space port, Malastar demanding repayment and the ship alleging that the government got it’s come-up-pence for participating in Imperial pirating [editor edit]. The [Hidden Hand] was able to lose its pursuers and escape to [Alderaan], where several eye-witness reports have them conferencing in serious tones with [Bail Organa]. The group is holed up in a local hotel and appear engrossed in talks about their future.



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