The Corellian Company

Episode III.XV

The Hidden Hand: Passenger Liner

From the Desk of Gweedo
Captain of The Hidden Hand
Captain’s Log
Entry 13
Today has been interesting so far… First we get pulled out of hyperspace by a comet that wasn’t on our charts. Then we find two ships floating dead in the vicinity. By now you’d think we would have learned enough to just leave them alone, especially since one of them was an Imperial vessel. But common sense eluded us yet again and we decided to board the non-Imp ship to see if anyone needed help. Long story short a few laser blasts later we find ourselves in a ship full of dead bodies, disabled droids and a bacta tank that has seen better days. The tank itself wasn’t the most interesting thing though; there was a little girl inside. Denjo sensed that she was fading quickly and could possibly die at any moment so he smashed the glass and we caught her before she got cut on the glass. Denjo lifted her onto The Hand so 2-1B and I could operate on her. After stabilizing her we let her rest for a bit while we decided our next move.
Side Note: I need to practice using this blaster. I nearly vacuumed all of us onboard the other ship.
Entry 14
The girl, Kreyalla, woke up briefly. She told us that her mother was onboard trying to escape with her. They were being pursued by a Sith Inquisitor on the Imperial ship. The mother escaped the ship on an escape pod, probably to lure the Sith away from Kreyalla. Kal made the suggestion to wipe the Imperial ship’s logs before we leave it behind, but the girl says there’s a few hundred droids on board looking to kill anything soft and fleshy that they come across. After our last encounter with just a handful of these droids no one was eager to take on a whole ship full of them. Instead we make our way to a backwater planet not far from here that an escape pod could easily make it to, the girl’s mother is most likely there. We’re towing the vessel we found Kreyalla on. Maybe we can make some quick credits on it while we’re out looking.
Entry 15
Denjo, Skyron and I took the speeder to find Kreyalla’s mother. While we were looking Tarrash, Kal, Marma and the H-1ME made some repairs to the clunker we have in tow, hoping we could actually get some credits if it’s in one piece. We found the escape pod, empty, but not for too long. Denjo sensed a presence not too far away, considering we were in a field of crops that stretched as far as the eye could see we assumed it had to be her. I quickly wished we were wrong. When we got close our speeder stopped dead in midair. Then, just as suddenly, we were being hurled to the ground. Thankfully the two Jedi on board reacted and stopped us from slamming into the ground and set us down somewhat gently. I jumped, or rather was flung from, the speeder first and I knew that this was not a woman to be trifled with. I tried to reason with her but all I got in return was a lightsaber coming at me wildly. If she hadn’t been crazed she most likely would have taken my head off right then and there. Denjo got in between us and tried even more to calm her down. Something he said just made her even more crazed though, she thought we meant to hurt Kreyalla. Skyron ignited his lightsaber but did not move to strike, if he had we might have been in a much more bloody conflict. I continued to plead with her, telling her that we meant neither herself nor Kreyalla any harm. Finally she subsided. We were on our way back to the ship when they came. A fleet jump into orbit from hyperspace. I’m not sure if they were imperial or not. It was obvious what they were after though. Since it seemed like we still had a few minutes of relative peace I told Marma over the comms to sell the other ship for whatever she could get for it. Some backwater hick tried to put up a fight over cost but in the end we got a few credits and he got one hell of a bargain on a mostly operational ship. We were pursued in the air by some fighters but Denjo used some sort of mind trick to make them think they shot us down when in reality we were speeding away. Once in port I quickly collected our credits and we made a hot lift off. We were immediately engaged with a group of fighters who were just screaming wordlessly in pursuit. There was no talking our way out of this one. Skyron took a few out with the guns and Marma did some damn fine piloting but the real hero of the fight was Ciadree, Kreyalla’s mother. She took out most of a squadron with some Jedi trick. Thanks to Kal’s quick math we were able to jump to hyperspace just after Ciadree’s miraculous save. Now we have two new passengers, a Jedi mother and daughter, who I get the feeling will make our lives a little more exciting. Like we need it.



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