• Denjo


    Working in 'spacefaring hospitality' (Flight attendant), he has traveled to many locales in this local arm of the galaxy. What he really wants to learn more about is himself.
  • Gweedo


    This short Rodian has a friendly nature but a sinister air hangs about him. You often feel that he knows more than he is letting on. He dresses in fine suits almost all the time.
  • HK MP-5 G3-11

    HK MP-5 G3-11

    Assassin/Bodyguard Droid, <3's big guns and killing meatbags.
  • Kal


    An ex-Imperial agent with an understandably dark past, Kal is looking for clues as to who saved his life, where is father is (if he is still alive), and doing jobs to make the Empire a better place.
  • Marma Rumin

    Marma Rumin

    A curious woman, born on a ship travelling the frontier, Marma suffers (or enjoys) a strong case of wanderlust. Such a nomadic life stems from her desire to sense all that the galaxy has to offer, and she is ever in seach of a new tasting food or beautif
  • Phe'Lan


    Gen'Dai, Mentally Unstable, Pilot and Soldier, Been around for a millennia
  • Skyron Starwind

    Skyron Starwind

    Young Jedi finding his place in the force, and finding a way to get closure for the horrors of his past
  • Tarash


    A Human mechanic from Corellia, Tarash was taking a trip to Coruscant to buy a bulk order of droids for clients back home. He's getting into more than he bargained for.
  • Arroka


    Wearing battle armor, and weilding vibro claws, this Togorian is just waiting for a chance to leap at someone and tear them to shreds at all times. He has a nervous twitch with his eye that makes you thing he's really that crazy.
  • Bal'Gresss Johssok

    Bal'Gresss Johssok

    This imposingly large Trandoshan ran the slave trade on the planet Ambria. Clad in dark purple, partly as a regal fashion statement, and partly to signify the blood trade in which he made his fortune, he bullies any non-Imperial into submission.
  • Bhurm Heilodot

    Bhurm Heilodot

    Human Pirate, Smuggler, and ne'er do well. Scruffy looking, and that isn't a term of endearment. Almost starving-thin, but that gun on his hip is not so thin.
  • Cthon


    Like decaying corpses with loose flaps of flesh, stringy, dirty hair, and a lipless mouth filled with sharp teeth. Skin grew to cover their eyes; the eye could be seen moving in its sockets. If clothed at all, they wore nothing but loincloths.
  • Dax Neela

    Dax Neela

    An impeccably dressed Faleen, he saunters with a superior smirk on his countenance at all times. He is the owner of the Midnight Eclipse, a bar in the Underworld of Coruscant.
  • Ginger Campbell

    Ginger Campbell

    This slender human woman from Alderaan works as an aide to Senator Bail Organa, and speakes with fire intensity for justice on his behalf.
  • Iber Teang

    Iber Teang

    This big blue Ortolan looks at you over his shoulder and goes back to cracking jokes with his group of Gamorrean and Rodian friends. You notice him glance at the security droids and slowly his hand rests on his blaster, just to be sure.
  • Inquisitor Phage (Raalen Weinstein)

    Inquisitor Phage (Raalen Weinstein)

    Darkness exuding from him, this Imperial Inquisitor is always found in his blood red zeyd cloth suit. He frequently winces as though in pain, and in anger.
  • Inquisitor Pillak

    Inquisitor Pillak

    What was once a gaunt, shadowy, and wholly evil person in life is distilled down into the very incarnation thereof. Wisping through any wall, he penetrates all barriers and enters your soul. You can see his burning red eyes watching you.
  • Inquisitor Sheng

    Inquisitor Sheng

    The best swordsman inquisitor on the Lusyanka, and he made sure everyone knew it. A regular bully among bullies among the higher social strata of the the Imperial Inquisitorial hierarchy.
  • Jabba


    "Jabba Desilijic Tiure", a.k.a. Jabba the Hutt. Not to be confused with "Pizza the Hut".
  • Kazzis  Tchik'ta, Ph.D

    Kazzis Tchik'ta, Ph.D

    Continuing off of his thesis in Dark matter mass shadows in the Expansion sector bodering the Meridian Sector and Hutt space.
  • Kreyalla


    Kreyalla is a teenage emergent, a force-user just coming into her power.
  • Lawrence "Law" Keller

    Lawrence "Law" Keller

    A gruff man of few words, he travels the floor of Coruscant in his tattered rags. Armed with a sniper blaster, his penetrating eyes apraise you.
  • Lok'rrkar Quala

    Lok'rrkar Quala

    A large, muscular, tusk-toothed Aqualish steps towards you, invading your personal space. He wears a thick ripped up jacket made of various animals and large blaster pistols.
  • Narok Lightbender

    Narok Lightbender

    A rugged mercanary, and frequent Whiplash operative. Narok works by day a boring desk life at Creditore, a Currency Exchange, and by night he helps others flee Coruscant.
  • Nym


    Nym was a Feeorin pirate who led the Lok Revenants. Born and raised on the planet with the same name, he has led a difficult life among cutthroats. He is massively muscular, and carries at least a modified DL-44 at all times, if not something heavier.
  • Princess Leia Organa

    Princess Leia Organa

    You can see the tomboy princess a short distance away, learning some new language or rule of etiquette. She wears her hair and dress long and loose, and often wants to run around with her child exuberance.
  • Sabe


    Etiquette and language instructor to princess Leia.
  • Terr Taneel

    Terr Taneel

    A tall woman with sort red hair, she keeps a close eye on everything around her. Usually stern, she can be gregarious when relaxed with friends.
  • TH - PC

    TH - PC

    Trystan Holocombe: Found in an Imperial holding cell, this would-be Jedi fights for justice. But his unflinching, cold eyes betray something sinister in his soul.
  • Uteo-Ajai


    Cereans are usually philosophical and analytical, due to their binary brains considering both sides of an issue. Uteo considers the best and worst case scenario, and uses that insight to govern who he steals from and how.
  • Winter Celchu

    Winter Celchu

    Even in her youth she had ladylike poise and grace. Two years older than Leia, she often acted like a big sister and often helped tutor her in her studies.
  • Ysanne Isaard

    Ysanne Isaard

    From her icy, cruel and vengeful personality, Ysanne earned the nickname "Iceheart." Though she was beautiful -- with a striking face with one blue and one red eye -- her chilling demeanor was anything but inviting.
  • Zark


    This large, Red skinned, big horned deveronian brandishes a wicked looking blaster rifle, with bbayonets, spikes, scopes, and all sorts of other modifications. He grins evilly at you, ready to kill you.
  • Zek'zik


    Twitchy wings, twichy eyes, and a twitchy trigger finger. All things that make people on edge, and good for a pirate.