Bal'Gresss Johssok

This imposingly large Trandoshan ran the slave trade on the planet Ambria. Clad in dark purple, partly as a regal fashion statement, and partly to signify the blood trade in which he made his fortune, he bullies any non-Imperial into submission.


Trandoshans worship a female deity known as the Scorekeeper, who awards Jagannath points to Trandoshans based on our success or failure in combat. Jagannath points, which refer to the spoils of victory won in mortal combat, are accumulated throughout our lives. Those hunters possessing more points enjoy greater status in society and are considered valuable mates by most females. At death, a Trandoshan presents his points to the mythological Scorekeeper at the gates of Thol’dur, the home of the Scorekeeper and fallen Trandoshans. The Scorekeeper determines a Trandoshan’s place in the afterlife based on their merits.

The Hunt is the focal points of Trandoshan existence, points can not be earned until a Dosha Recruit has proven themselves and become a full member of Trandoshan society. Points can be earned through Clan Hunts, where the whole clan will turn out for a huge hunt killing any creatures they come across. The Hunt can often last days, the Clan staying away from their home and simply camping in the wild. Dosha Recruits can join in The Hunt but will not earn Jagannath points until they are accepted as adults.

Bal'Gresss Johssok

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