Like decaying corpses with loose flaps of flesh, stringy, dirty hair, and a lipless mouth filled with sharp teeth. Skin grew to cover their eyes; the eye could be seen moving in its sockets. If clothed at all, they wore nothing but loincloths.

bq). “They have formed their own pathetic civilization from scraps of the shining world that has been forever forbidden to them.” ―Pollux Hax

Cthons were inhabitants of the lowest levels of the Coruscant Underworld. They were zombie-like humanoids who preyed on living flesh.

Their ancestors were Humans who were banished from the surface for their crimes, subsequently residing in the darkness of the undercity for thousands of years, which genetically changed them into terrifying creatures that became the subject of countless horror stories and nightmares.

Cthons were also known to use electroshock nets to catch their prey, as demonstrated on Jedi Padawan Darsha Assant and her companions.1 Cthons can be said to be the analog of the Tarisian Rakghoul of the Taris Undercity and perhaps may be related to the underlevels’ corridor ghouls.

Following Operation: Knightfall, one of the few surviving Jedi was Sha Koon who attempted to kill Darth Vader by luring him into an ambush. By using the Force, she manipulated the Cthon into attacking the Sith Lord but they were easily killed by the Sith Lord.

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