HK MP-5 G3-11

Assassin/Bodyguard Droid, <3's big guns and killing meatbags.


HK MP5 G3-11 CL 6

Medium droid (4th-degree) soldier 6
Init +11; Senses low-light vision; Perception +10
Languages Basic, Binary; translator unit (DC 5)

Defenses Ref 22 (flat-footed 19), Fort 19, Will 16
Max HP 60; Damage Threshold 19
Immune droid traits: Poison, Disease, Radiation, Non-corrosive atmospheric hazards,
vacuum, mind-affecting effects, stunning effects, and any effect that works only on the

Speed 6 squares
Melee by weapon 8
Ranged blaster rifle +13 (3d8
4) or
Ranged blaster rifle 13 (3d84) with autofire or
Ranged blaster rifle 13 (5d84) with Burst Fire or
Ranged blaster pistol 13 (3d64) or
Ranged heavy repeating blaster 13 (3d10 +4) with autofire or
Ranged heavy repeating blaster +13 (3d10 +4) with braced autofire or
Ranged heavy repeating blaster +8 (5d10 +4) with Burst Fire
Base Atk +6; Base Ranged Bonus: +13 (
4 Dex bonus, +1 PBS, +1 Weapon Focus, +1 for Comrades in Arms if within 3 squares of an ally.)

Atk Options autofire (blaster rifle, heavy repeating blaster), Burst Fire, Point Blank Shot

Special Actions brace (heavy repeating blaster), Tough as Nails (Additional Second Wind, heal 1/4 HP total, 15HP)

Starship Maneuvers (Pilot 6) devastating hit (1 damage die per 5 above targets defense), explosive shot (Reaction when last shot reduces target HP to 0, explode target for 4d10 damage to adjacent targets)

Abilities Str 14, Dex 18, Con -, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 10

Talents: Comrades in Arms(+1 on attack roll if within 3 squares of an ally ), Devastating Attack(Damage threshold of enemy 5 points lower when using Heavy Weapon ), Focused Targeting(Allies gain +2 damage bonus on targets I’ve damaged), Tough as Nails, Harm’s Way(I designate one adjacent ally and I take all damage or any ill effect inflicted on them), Gun Club(Use ranged weapon as a club with no negatives, double ended weapon if bayonet equipped), Bayonet Master (Treat ranged weapon with bayonet as a double melee weapon)

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Burst Fire (-5 on attack roll for 2 die of damage), Gunnery Specialist(Once per encounter, reroll an attack), Point Blank Shot(1 attack and damage at point blank range), Starship Tactics, Weapon Focus (heavy – +1 attack), Weapon Proficiency (heavy, pistols, rifles, simple), Precise Shot(No -5 for shooting into melee), Far Shot(Short range -0, med range -2, long range -5, Dual Weapon Mastery 2 (-2 when using two weapons instead of -10)

Skills Endurance +2, Initiative +11, Mechanics +7, Perception +10, Use Computer +7

Systems: durasteel battle armor(8 Ref def, +3 Max Dex), 2 hand appendages, heuristic processor, improved sensor package(2 perception checks), 6kg internal storage, 2 tool appendages, translator unit (DC 5), vocabulator, walking locomotion

Upgrades: Climbing Claws, Jump Servos, Darkvision, Hidden Core(Personality Backup), Videorecorder with remote camera.

Possessions: blaster pistol, blaster rifle with Retractable Stock, heavy repeating blaster


My existence has been difficult for me to piece together. Mind wipes have that effect. The only real memories I have now are brief, sudden, but powerful flashbacks. I am creating this hidden log to guard against any future memory wipes, as the goddamn meatbags are bloody fond of doing that to my particular degree of droid.

My earliest memory I assign real coherence to is full of rage, pain, loss, and glorious battle. It comes un-bidden, with bolt-shaking force. A powerful, dark master, driven mad with the pain of loss, directing my will to end the lives of Huks by the thousands. The over-riding feeling is of right-ness. This is what I was meant to do, designed from the ground up to take this massive gun and end the lives of those disgusting insects. Then just darkness.

Next is one I have placed near my first memory wipe. Strange thing about the heuristic processor, it’s greatest strength, the ability to learn, map new neural pathways, was also it’s greatest weakness. I had gotten too good at gunning down the Huks. Along with Grievous brilliant tactical genius, we were crushing the insect meatbags, assaulting their homeworld, ending their aggression forever. Then the Jedi came to the aid of the wretched Huks. They proved too much, trapping my unit, casually tossing aside perfectly aimed blasts from my autofire blaster cannon, they disabled all of us with ion grenades. (Personal note: invest in some sort of heavy sonic weapon, universe is goddamn lousy with Force users.) Most powerful emotion, the blind rage of failure, failing the Master, my unit, myself.

There’s a brief, bland flashback, notable mostly for the strong feeling of apathy, after the initial wipe. I am marching alongside some clone troopers, serving as a sniper/forward scout for a Jedi-led unit. Aside from frustration at some internal programming preventing me from immediately killing the closest meatbags dumb enough to show me their back, no strong feelings associated with this memory. Probably something the next wipe just missed.

Now, the first memory of the Good Master, the young Kreyalla Weinstein. Droids have been relegated to menial slave labor status in the Empire. I am serving as a security unit for a mining venture. She comes along as a smart, strong daughter of the companies owner, though only a young meatbag. I can feel her Presence in my very circuits. Her warmth and strong will can move through my processor and understand what I was, what I am capable of becoming. She sees my true potential, She feels it in a way I can’t understand but it means everything. I am Her guardian, Her protector. I keep Her safe, She somehow makes me feel like part of something that is more, stronger than myself. I am protecting the ship while mining, blasting the occasional errant asteroid, minding the other droids, monitoring the near space. Strongest feeling: Peace. Real peace, the kind that matters.

Now the last memory of Kreyalla. Troubling news has her upset. Her father has turned to the Dark Side. Her mother is scared and we are running. We are pulled out of warp and the ship is diabled. Stormtroopers attempt to enter, but I handle those easily. Then that bastard Guyder makes it on and while fighting with Her mother manages to nearly crush the Good Master with Force-flung debris. (Personal note: Heavy sonic weapon.) Her mother escapes in a pod drawing Guyder off the ship, I carefully place Her in the Bacta tank. I can sense Her will, Her power, reaching out to me, and I stand careful guard. Others come, and attempt to board our ship. I fight, I give everything, they’re too much. In the heat of battle, I let a blaster shot hit her tank. The shock of my failing brought the other memories. I felt the paralysis of the ion grenade envelope me. I fell to my knees. Deactivation. Then Her scream. I was back on, at Her will, and these meatbags would pay. A point blank blaster through the neck of the nearest human. Then the damn lightsabers cut me down, then darkness.

Present. My current programming indicates I serve this Tarash meatbag. So be it, for now. The Good Master is here, and I can feel her power, her will through my circuits still. I know the comfort of my old friend, the GH-11 custom model repeating blaster cannon. They seem willing to let me fire this ships guns, so at least they can recognize competence. Their Force users seem reasonably competent if somewhat naive/stupid. Let’s see where this goes, I get the impression there will be opportunity for killing the meatbags that are after the Good Master.

But now, I will remember everything.

HK MP-5 G3-11

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