Terr Taneel

A tall woman with sort red hair, she keeps a close eye on everything around her. Usually stern, she can be gregarious when relaxed with friends.


From the Movies
As the democratic ideals of the Republic began to disappear under the alarming reforms of Chancellor Palpatine, Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma organized a quiet resistance against these new outrages. They invited only a select few into these initial discussions, including the human Senator, Terr Taneel.

Taneel was a loyalist, serving in a committee close to Palpatine during the Clone Wars. She was one of the receiving Senators who waited on the Senate landing platform following Palpatine’s rescue from General Grievous’ clutches. Though she was grateful for a successful resolution to the terrible Battle of Coruscant, she nonetheless believed something needed to be done to save the Republic from Palpatine’s machinations.

From the Expanded Universe
For thousands of years, the Senex sector has been ruled by a cloistered group of ancient noble houses. Senator Terr Taneel of Neelanon was remarkably progressive despite being raised in a society so culturally outdated and inward looking. Her idealism drew the attentions of Mon Mothma and Bail Organa when they took the tentative first steps of organizing a resistance against Palpatine.

Taneel found herself among several loyalist colleagues within those ranks. She developed a close friendship with the Wroonian Chi Eekway. She felt both protective and wary of the younger Senator. Taneel feared that Eekway was too naïve or impetuous for so dangerous a conspiracy.

Behind the Scenes
In April of 2003, Writer/Director George Lucas discussed with Costume Designer Trisha Biggar the need for four female Senatorial outfits, including two for his daughters Katie and Amanda. The character of Terr Taneel was played by Amanda Lucas, his eldest daughter. She can be briefly glimpsed in each film of the prequel trilogy in cameo roles. In Episode I, she not only provided the voice of Neimoidian pilot Tey How, but could be also be seen in Jabba the Hutt’s luxury box
during the Podrace scene as Diva Funquita. In Episode II, she plays Adnama, a patron of the Outlander Club.

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Terr Taneel

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