Trystan Holocombe: Found in an Imperial holding cell, this would-be Jedi fights for justice. But his unflinching, cold eyes betray something sinister in his soul.


Musing upon Death and the Force.

Conflict is your School.
The Enemy is your Instructor.
Death is your Lesson.

A man may die but his life will carry on, continual cycles of birth and death. For the Jedi, death releases the soul. A true death brings the Jedi closer to the Force.
In conflict we find the universe, in conflict we find our souls. The battle within is the battle of the universe. Through our struggles we find death and wisdom, we enter the Force.
Praise those whom you struggle with, they will teach you. Join battle and seek your freedom. Seek true death.


My parents were planetary ecologists, terraformers. Before they had me they were offered a Senate commission to develop a system in the outer rim. The Tatoo system wasn’t much – even back then – but the promise of a profitable colony on the rim had the Senate laying out plans for development. Some said terraforming would spread enlightened civilization, some wanted to fill coffers, others just thought that we needed people out there to keep an eye on the Void. So – for reasons only the Senate knew – my parents were granted a commission to turn the Tatoo system into a viable colony.
Father and Mother didn’t head the Pangaea Commission, but they were part of the board. Pangaea was run by Henry Toth, Father and Mother represented the terran flora and fauna labs and two more humans handled the aquatic flora and fauna. Five humans made it easy to keep things moving. It was the Pangaea Board members that named the systems desert world Tatooine. Pangaea settled in, and soon had sand crawlers combing the surface and sounding out the depths of Tatooine. Early work was promising, at the very least Pangaea knew Tatooine would be mining colony. Father and Mother said things on Tatooine weren’t bad back then, the Hutts made it bad.
Later on they found out Toth had cut a deal with the Hutts. Toth used Pangaea to launder money and create a safe heaven for the criminals, in turn the Hutts “protected” Tatooine from the Republic and anyone else they didn’t care for. Life for my parents didn’t change much – it couldn’t, not if the Hutts wanted to stay beyond the full might of the Republic – instead Toth and the Hutts kept order. A criminals version of order is a lot like any politician’s, keep the business of life running smoothly and everything falls into place. You can go home and bask in your luxury, count your credits, and lord over your serfs. The Hutts only hurt those who they had no other choice but to hurt, everyone who played buy the rules stayed safe. For my parents, playing by the rules meant sending me off to Academy. This ensured two things: 1. The Hutts had the best future “employees” money could buy, 2. It reminded anyone entertaining the idea of snitching, rebelling, or thieving just who was in charge.
Academy put me in touch with the larger world, time away from the desert of Tatooine and the crawlers was a much appreciated change. I got into a lot of fights but gradually grew accustomed to a “civilized” life out in the “wider world”. After my second year a cadre of Jedi arrived at the Academy and began testing the students. It was all standard protocol at the time and most important it started me on my path back home.
I tested well, I trained well. It was years before I even remembered Tatooine. But I did and it showed in my training. My Master had the truth out of me before I even knew what I was saying. I was terrified, the Hutts would know, they already knew! I was a snitch and my parents would be held accountable. Master insisted that I mediate on the matter, that I study it and myself. He made me wait a year before he would let me plead my case to the Council. Months passed, and I quieted myself. My inner stillness held, my will became resolute. Once they saw that my instruction was near complete they ruled and began to investigate Tatooine.
I was allowed to watch the Brothers as they infiltrated, investigated and then returned to Tatooine as a Diplomatic Envoy. The Hutts choose their fate and I am glad to say none perished who did not choose to do so. We waited on Tatooine, we kept order until the Republic arrived. When the Republic did arrive it was with a dark cloud. Revolt and strife churned through the galaxy and we were no longer safe. Some Jedi fled Tatooine, some fought. I fought, I pursued the Sith and their agents as I was trained to do. Once more I move mindfully, with inner stillness along a path the Force wills. I seek my foe and the enlightenment of conflict.


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