Bacta Tank

This was a large, specialized tank that was filled with the powerful healing agent created by the Vratix, bacta, which promoted rapid healing.


This bacta tank is broken. It needs 10,000 of raw materials in repair work.

The bacta in this tank is cloudy, and full of human waste. Kreyalla survived living in her own excrement and bacta for a week. Such a feat of survival should not normally have been possible, but perhaps the little girl was able to control the metabolism of her own body and the processes of the bacta so as to just barely stay alive to be rescued on death’s door.

This bacta tank holds 50 liters of bacta. It might be possible, with thorough filtration, to reclaim 10-20% of the bacta.


A bacta tank and a supply of bacta were expensive, the tank alone typically costing 100,000 credits from 32 BBY to 8 ABY, so such medical equipment was usually found only in hospitals, on board capital ships, and within major military bases. Movement of bacta tanks could prove difficult because the tanks weighed roughly 500 kilograms.
A patient was required to be fully submerged within the bacta for the healing agent to do its job. Patients wore breath masks to breathe while submerged. Patients while in the bacta tank wore either white briefs for males or a gown for females. Certain species, such as Rodians, experienced complications with the bacta due to their metabolism, sometimes requiring extended submersions.4

Although bacta was near impossible to acquire during the reign of the empire, the Rebel Alliance obtained a functional bacta tank and a small supply of the liquid for use at Echo base. After being attacked by a wampa and spending the night on the frozen wastelands of Hoth, Luke Skywalker would have almost surely died from his injuries if not for Echo base’s bacta tank. After the battle of Endor, the New Republic initiated a bacta war to liberate the remaining bacta and spread it across the galaxy.

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Bacta Tank

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