The Corellian Company

"Gweedo's Job"

Hey all! It’s your favorite short Rodian, Gweedo! I have a bit of a proposal for you. Because of my delay with the Imperials I’m in a bit of a rush with my cargo. I’m in the market for someone to help me escort my cargo to its destination and I can pay every one of you 500Cr upon safe delivery. The destination is on Coruscant, in the underworld if you must know, but don’t worry it’s all perfectly safe. We’re going to the nightclub known as The Midnight Sun. All we need to do is escort two repulsor-lift crates to the club’s manager, Dax Neela. I’ve known Dax for years. He’s a straightforward businessman. We don’t even need to handle the crates ourselves. Dax has delivery men who will be taking care of transport. This should be perfectly safe, especially considering what we’ve been through today. Think of this as a night on the town.

The party who met aboard the hijacked transport and solidified in the Many Hands Heist pauses outside the Space Port Authority on Coruscant to lick their wounds and collect their thoughts. Denjo argues for some rest or clinical aid, as he and some of the other party members are injured or barely standing. They discuss options but seem short the time or credits to get any serious healing done. Gweedo speaks up with a proposal for some easy escort work that pays well and should be done quickly. Everyone considers their lack of funds and the strange frenetic pace of Coruscant quickly, so Gweedo is assualted with a cacophonus chorus of acceptance. He radios his contact and arranges for a cab service at a slight fee while the qroup examines their options for rest, medical aid, shopping and exploration.

As everyone is discussing things, Tarrash mentions needing to relax and heads off to a hotel Denjo looks up on a Datalink near the terminal. Everyone marks the location as a cheap but well-regarded hostel on craig’s list, and they decide to meet back with Tarrash at that location later. Seeing little hope of settling the debate on quick surgery, the group decides this mission offers little chance of a fight and opts to follow through with a timely delivery. Gweedo spends some time sweet talking a clerk into a discount on medpacs and Skyron shakes his head at the display as he walks out of the store with a brand new knife. Gweedo takes one too many liberties with the clerk and races out just ahead of the lazy security guards for the port mall, who decide the greasy little rodian isn’t worth the exercise ( :O thought you might get a kick out of that Nick and Brendan).

A Sullustrian cab driver shows up and asks for a “ma ma Mister Ghweeeeedo”. Seeing an opportunity to unleash a little racial spite in backlash of all he’s suffered so far, Gweedo responds, “Yes, that’s me. Hurry up and load the droids already. All of you don’t bother helping, that’s not what you’re being paid to do. That’s his job.” Denjo is unable to resist and begins helping the Sullustrian manage the repulsor lifts with the crates—despite barely being able to stand. The trip to the club is uneventful, and this time Denjo allow the driver to handle the crates alone, as he hurries to follow Gweedo and company into the club. They walk towards the back of the club before a trandoshan stops them. He points a wicked looking blaster rifle equipped with vibro-bayonet at Gweedo’s face as he snarls, “And just what’s your business, egg-face?”
“That’s between Zaxx and me, isn’t it?”
“You’ve better give me a better answer or your rat meat, greenie!”
“Look, get on your comlink and tell Zaxx Gweedo is here, and pray he doesn’t kill you for a fool for delaying me.”
The trondashon looks ready to fire for a minute but instead steps back and obviously begins communicating with someone over a comm. None of the company can follow along, for the club also cuts out normal comlinks. The trondashon slips back and puts his gun back into Gweedo’s face for a moment, “If it was up to me, I’d blow your egg-shaped face away. But Zaxx says to let you in, so you’re lucky. But only one other can come in.” Gweedo looks at his companions and their ragged state, eyes up Kal’s blaster pistol and is quick to usher Kal in with him. Skyron and Denjo remain in the club, watching over the still groggy and drugged Marma and Ginger.

Gweedo and Zaxx barely have time to haggle over the fee, Zaxx is just handing Gweedo the credits for the job as stormtroopers burst into the club and the music goes dead. The group is slightly eased when but a few moments later one of the troopers rings out: “We are here for Daxx. If you remain calm and present your identification, you will be allowed to leave.” Denjo and Skyron remain nervous, moving the girls into a darker spot in the corner and arranging themselves in cover as if really enjoying each other’s company. A dark presence once again reaches out, but this time Denjo is able to deflect it’s touch. Skyron turns a pale shade, however, as the presence sinks slightly into his brain and exudes a menacing ‘hello’. Gweedo asks Zaxx, “Do you happen to have a back door?” to which Zaxx’s “As a matter of fact, I do” edges out the corner of his mouth while he presses a button, summoning up the turbolift so he can lift up the floor panel and secure himself to a zip-line located there. Zaxx gives the trondashon a look to say ‘you know what to do’ but says aloud; “I’ll meet you at you know where.” Zaxx descends and the trondashon begins shooting. Gweedo calls over the newly open, “Ah, Cavalry, a little help here.” Denjo and Skyron whisper into their comlinks as they pretend intimacy with the women, “A little problem there, stormtroopers all over the place and one directly in our way. We’ll each have to go our own way.”
Stormtroopers allow most of the inhabitants to leave, Denjo/Skyron speak back and forth with Kal/Gweedo over comlink as those two dispatch the trandoshan(with help from Gweedo’s cargo—which turned out to be assassin droids). The group decides to split off between Gweedo/Kal and Skyron/Marma/Ginger/Denjo trying to get out of the building each on their own. Kal grabs the trandoshan’s illegal blaster rifle as he and Gweedo climb down the lift in pursuit of Zaxx. Denjo and Skryon take Marma and Ginger through the Imperial blockade, their papers are checked and they take a turbolift up. Both are becoming paranoid and find out that the building is closed off. Denjo tells Skyron, “Something bad is coming, we need to get out of here fast!” to which Skyron replies “You feel it, too?” They share a look, but decide not to debate the obvious in their present situation. Skryon calls a cab but the cab is not willing to break the blockade for small credit change, so Skyron drops the link in disgust. they head back to the lift to try escaping on foot.
Meanwhile Kal and Gweedo climb down the turbolift shaft on Zaxx’s escape zip-line. Zaxx spies the pair above, and gets out of the shaft via a hidden panel into the garage floor of the spire. shortly thereafter the turbolift is engaged and begins to plummet quickly, Kal and gweedo force open the turbolift doors and get out of the shaft with only seconds to spare. Finding themselves on a floor with mini-mall and cafe, they sit down to eat. A troupe of stormtroopers later gets out of the turbolift and begins checking vistas. Kal wisely hides the illegal blaster rifle beneath the booth.
Denjo and Skyron engage the lift for the ground floor, stopping once to allow on some zabrak junkies. The turbolist pauses at the Midnight Eclipse, Stormtroopers inspecting the passengers. Skyron is able to hide Ginger and himself behind the zabraks but Denjo is spotted. The stormtrooper growls, “What are you doing back here? I recognize you!” Denjo replies timidly, “Got off on the wrong floor, sir…” After looking like he might challenge the statement, the trooper gruffly acknowledges Denjo by saying, “Well then, one last trip and then this lift is being closed. Only stormtroopers allowed in the lifts until the blockade is lifted.” “Yes sir, thank you sir” as Denjo quickly pushes the button to resume the trek down.
Gweedo and Kal challenged in the cafe, papers are ok. Kal’s license for his pistol verified.
Denjo and Skyron land with Ginger, Marma and the junkies at the base floor. As the three zabraks shuffle off further into the building, the party notices the four stormtroopers guarding the building’s main exit. Denjo asks Skyron to hold back and wait for an opportunity, then he runs towards the troopers feigning fear and terrror. He sends one of the men off after the zabraks with the jedi mind trick—warning out loud that three heavily armed zabrak drug traffickers are rushing off into the building. The trooper directly affected bolts off after the zabraks, with two of his buddies who follow in close pursuit. Denjo urges the last stormtrooper to go help his friends but the soldier is more interested in setting up their camp. Seeing no other alternative, Denjo makes a desperate attempt to take out that last stormtrooper and is shot down in retaliatory fire. Skyron tries to feel if Denjo is till alive with the force, but finally sneaks past with Marma and Ginger when he encounters no living spirit within Denjo’s form—though the dark presence all around eats at his peripheral feelings. Despite a harrowing few seconds of sneaking past a stormtrooper with two drugged out accomplices, Skyron makes it to the spire across the way, where he pauses to collect his thoughts say goodbye to an erstwhile companion.
Gweedo enjoys his eggs. Kal is accosted by a stormtrooper who almost seems to suspect the hidden rifle. “What are you two doing here?!” he demands. “Enjoying my eggs, sir” replies Gweedo while Kal feigns irritation (less the anxiety of the moment and more the typical average joe ‘no-what-are-you-doing-here" type of attitude). Unable to see much to be angry at, the soldier demands Kal’s license upon spying his blaster pistol. Unable to find anything wrong with Gweedo or Kal’s papers, he saunters off. Kal looks relieved and Gweedo continues to enjoy his eggs.
Skyron calls the others for help as Gweedo and Kal board a taxi, and relays the unfortunate news that Denjo is dead as Gweedo picks them up. After some half-hearted debate over what to do, the consensus is to get to a hotel and sleep the night. Next morning Ginger requests they take her to the Senate, where they wait outside as she secretly researches this band of misfits who rescued her. She is gracious over being saved, and anxious to get to a friend she knows in the capital. She nearly invites the group into some compact, almost balancing some secret on the tip of her tongue before she decides against trusting them further. She offers to taxi them to a destination of their choice, and many voices debate their options. Ginger mentions Alderaan is lovely this time of year and Skryon is quick to say “Sounds Great!”. Skyron seems preoccupied and anxious to leave. “Tattooine is fun and exciting” offers Gweedo, and all aboard Ginger’s transport agree for the space port as their destination.

As they head over, Skyron again is assaulted by a dark presence, only now it comes from before him (quite possibly the space port ahead!). We leave our intrepid adventurers when their airspeeder is rocked by some unknown missile, and they begin a rapid plummet into the city’s depths as the speeder begins to burn from external or internal damage. Ginger frantically speaks over the comm “This is Ginger of the Alderaanian Senate Seat, my airspeeder is going down from an unknown complication and we need a tractor b—” but her words drift off when only comm static replies. to be continued…..

duh da duh, da da da da da da duh da duh…

Imperial Customs
ISB asks for a favor.

By penmagician:

All of those gathered from the hijacked transport were not so eagerly awaiting interviews with the Imperial Customs/Port Authority. A young human who had participated in the resistance aboud the ship seemed to get an electronic communication from a mysterious source, and so he went about gathering up the others aboard ship who had fought against the terrorists as well. The young man quietly spoke to each of the individuals and gathered them all in the conference room. He’s a young human male and seems quietly competent.

Introducing himself as Cal (Kal?), he proposed a short ‘job’ that would get all those gathered in the room past customs and free into Coruscant with a minimum of fuss or hassle. Gweedo, a short (even for one of his kind)[I’m just giving you beef Brendan, feel free to correct me] Rodian with a generous amount of pique on his shoulder seemed to remember Cal instantly and was one of the first to agree. Tarash, another silent but potent young human, seemed somewhat indifferent to the situation but also agreed. Denjo seemed reluctant, older then most in the room but still a young human as well, he needed reassurances that Cal was able to speak for the Imperials. Another human male with some definitely Anti-Imperical angst, seemed inclined to dismiss the opportunity as well.

The conference was briefly interrupted as Imperial agents demanded an explanation of Assassin Droids found in a certain Rodian’s cargo. Gweedo denied knowledge and the Imperials skeptically believed him, and Cal asserted his influence that those in the room were needed on Imperial business. The Major in charge was at first dubious, but after checking credentials was forced to leave Cal’s group alone. Denjo and Skyron finally agreed to the plan, but asked that Cal’s protection would be extended to a young enigmatic woman named Marma who had fought at their side aboard the ship and had been detained for smuggling a weapon aboard ashore at Coruscant. A couple other individuals (Skyron? and Tarash?) asked for the release of a woman named Ginger who worked for Bail Organa.

Kal assured all this would be possible and he stepped outside the room ostenably to confer with someone in charge. He came back and gathered up his crew, moving to find the man for whom this mission was focused. They wound up with the Major who previously accosted Gweedo, and were able to secure a deal for release of Marma and Ginger. Cal privately mentioned to the group that their job was not only to shake down some smugglers but to implicate the Major and Lt Governor in this smuggler’s ring so the two men could be removed from office and more honest (snicker*) Imperials could be elevated to those positions. The major outlined the job as needing to shake-down some merchants who were refusing to pay the ‘proper’ amount of protection money to the Major and his agents.

*my comment, not Cal’s :)

That secured, the group took a cab to the merchants shop and decided on a plan of robbing the smugglers so that the Major could return the goods and solidify his position. The group quietly enters the store and are able to shut down three of the turbo lifts before anyone knows something is going on. Shoots are fired once the turbolifts are under control. A clerk begins calling for help but is heavily intimidated by Denjo. Gweedo and Tarash move down to the cargo rooms of the merchant, while Denjo, Cal and Skyron secure the shop floor. Tarash and Gweedo discover Ryl Spice on the cargo floor, but are blocked by stock room workers. Denjo has the clerk above count out credit chips into a couple of bags. Two security officers come down the stairs from the hq level above the merchandise floor and Cal, Denjo and Skyron stun them into insensibility. Below, Tarash potentially kills one stock attendant before turning his blaster to stun and being assualted by the fork lift. Gweedo keeps the third attendant distracted until Tarash stuns him down.

Tarash then returns to the spice to get it ready for transport while Gweedo starts up the stairs to rejoin the others. On the merchandise floor, a general order to withdraw is given from Skyron and Denjo as two security droids float down from the hq lvl. Cal, Denjo and Skyron take down one droid with several blasts. Denjo grabs the credits and is out the door. Cal blasts the second droid but is shoot down near the doorway—a combination of stun and lethal blasts knocking him out. Gweedo comes up behind the robot and stabs it good. Between them, Gweedo and Skyron are able to destroy the second droid. They retrieve Cal and return to the speeder cab, stopping only briefly on the cargo dock below to grab spice and Tarash. Tarash also has procured a vest the sales associate above recommended to him.

The group cools off and heals up at a hotel. Cal and Tarash leave the other recooperating party members to dodge back to customs and sneak into the communications array. They are able to locate the Major’s comm channel and play an audio-tracking device. Discovered upon exiting, Tarash acks lost. Cal comes to his rescue by bluffing official business from the Major. They return to the group and everyone gathers into the original cab after leaving the goods securely behind.

Cal meets with the Major and is able to secure the release of Marma and Ginger. The major is dubious at first but the party is able to convince him of their success. The major gives everyone in the party a medal for service to the Empire, and Marma and Ginger are released. Marma and Gweedo have their slave collars removed, and the party once again whole waits in the lobby upon Ginger’s arrival. She is brought before the group and stammers out a heartfelt thanks before collapsing into Cal’s arms.

Episode III.I: The Empire Strikes Hijack (aka A Bad Day for Imperial Spacelines Customer Service Department)
Written by Nick

The adventure begins where only the best post-Old Republic, pre Battle of Yavin Star Wars adventures that take place on the Corellian Run begin: On a Nebulon B Escort Frigate. The ship is en route to Coruscant from Corellia.
Upon this ship are two unique groups. There is also a third group, The Empire, but they are considerably less unique and relevant (just don’t tell them that). Now, the first unique group does not know each other, and likely have never even met. The members of this group are: (Insert your character and very short description here) Skyron, a very young Jedi.
The second unique group knows each other well enough. ‘Well enough’ in this case meaning ‘Well enough to organize the hijacking of an Imperial vessel.’ “Now, that’s an odd way to describe a group’s familiarity with one another” you might think. And in most cases, you would be right, but in this case they are currently dispatching Air Marshals and making their way to the cockpit. As they do this, it is time for the first group to act.
Some of them valiantly sprung into action, some valiantly kept their heads down and tried not to draw attention to themselves.
Kel, Tharash, and Gweedo all started to fight back, causing a flight attendant to be taken hostage. But that worked out okay, because shortly after that happened the hijackers took over the cockpit, making everyone on board also a hostage.
Before the cockpit was stormed, the captain was able to make one last heroic effort, activating the hijacking defense protocols. The fact becomes apparant when, after carefully making their way to the turbolift in order to try and secure the cockpit, Marma and Skyron were greeted by “Welcome to the turbolift. Due to the hijacking in progress, we are unable to operate at this time. Have a nice day!” “Well…crap” they said, and went back to their seats, or seats that looked like their seats, which gave them most of the seats to choose from. ’
Then the announcement came “This is not your captain speaking. This ship is now under our control. Please remain seated and stay calm and quiet for the remainder of the trip. Do not attempt to climb any of the stairs or service ladders or you will be shot.”
Skyron, Marma, and Denjo peacefully planned a possible overthrow of one of the hijackers, and fires blazed upstairs as the battle that caused them died down with all of the hijackers on their floor either dead or moved to different floors to take position.
Then, suddenly, voices came on the loudspeaker “This is Imperial warship 3X279. Surrender or die!” The response came “Check the ships’ logs, there are Imperial nobles on board. You wouldn’t dare risk them!” The response from the empire came in the form of a blast from an ion cannon, disabling elecronics, including all pacemakers and a cybernetic heart of an elderly woman, killing her instantly.
After some time, the power came back online while the fire upstairs sitll raged. Skyron saw the smoke, saw a fire extinguisher, and knew this was finally his chance to do something! He leapt up and grabbed the extinguisher, and made a heroic dash for the ladder. He was completely unfazed when the ship shook from being rammed by the warship, he almost had even more momentum in fact. The same can not be said for the guard at the top of the ladder who went flying over the edge, and promptly stops Skyron’s mission by taking Skyron with him on his trip to the bottom of the ladder several floors down.
Marma then sprung into action herself after seeing a glimpse of Skyron falling past along with his unexpected skydiving partner. She looked over the edge to see the hijacker stab Skyron. She quickly rushes down the ladder and throws her vibrodagger, which hits its mark, sticking into the leg of the highjacker. Skyron felt pretty impressed by this incredible feat of accuracy, throwing a knife, into a melee, from a fairly large distance. How could she miss with anything if she hits with that? Taking advantage of this incredible feat of accuracy, Skyron disarms the hijacker of his blaster, hears Marma calling for it, tosses it up in the air, takes the knife out of the hijackers leg, and stabs him with it at a speed almost incomprehensible. Finally, things were looking up. After a few more knife exchanges between the two, Marma finally got the blaster and took aim, now only a few feet above the brawlers. She took a breath, aimed with a well trained hand, and fired. The blaster bolt shot right through Skyron’s shoulder and did not hit the hijacker. As the pain seared through Skyron, he knew his suspicions were correct, this would not be a good day. He could feel his consciousness fade in and out, so with one final blow, he took out the hijacker and blacked out for several seconds before a burst of adreneline revitalized and exhausted him.
As Skyron was climbing back up, the stormtroopers had taken over the ship. He slid the dagger back to Marma who was now hiding a floor up while he was taken into custody, and she hid it in a tube of toothpaste. The rest of the passengers were taken into custody and the ship was flown to Coruscant. Marma’s dagger was discovered, so she was taken for interrogation, along with Ginger Campbell, an aid to Bail Organa. The rest of the group was let go to wonder what to do next.

Star Wars Skype Campaign

Episode 3 + (pi/ e )

It is a dark time. The Galactic Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist. Order 66 has destroyed the Jedi Order, and murdered almost all the Jedi in the galaxy.

But there is hope. Hope springs eternal from the common men and women who rise against oppression and injustice. Their motivations are varied along the spectrum of selfish and altruistic reasons, but their destinies are entangled.

On a normal day in the Empire, a commercial Nebulon-B frigate is on a routine passenger trip from Corellia to Coruscant, when trouble arises…


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