The Sullust Operation

When you jump into the system after Nym, you come out and Sullust is rather serene. Just like you left it. Sure, there are a dozen blips on the radar showing wings of TIE fighters, or that tiny silver glint out of the view port that you know is a mile long Star Destroyer, but the sector isn’t a broiling pot of Gamorrean Stew…yet.

Lok’s Revenants speed ahead towards the orbital dry-dock to demolish it. That leaves finishing the job of bringing down Sullust’s planetary factory capability to you and the rest of the militia. Marma punches the engines, and they roam to life sending you towards the orange-red molten planet.

The planetary defenses announce themselves. Gweedo notes that the communications frequencies are buzzing with different continents scrambling interceptor squadrons. Missiles bloom outward from a multitude of SAM sites, and a KDY-150 planetary Defender Ion Cannon unleashed a terrible glowing bolt towards you.

Denjo and Zek’Zik help to plot a safer course through the missiles, and Gweedo frantically locks onto and jams dozens of missiles each second to give Marma a better chance to dodge them. Those at the turrets lay down a hail of blaster plasma for the missiles to fly through, and one out of a hundred explodes before getting close to you.

The Sullust Operation

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