Skyron Starwind

Young Jedi finding his place in the force, and finding a way to get closure for the horrors of his past


Current HP: 74/74 Force: 7/11 Destiny: 5
Credits: 44810
XP: 16100

Skyron Starwind CL 6

Medium Human Jedi 5 Soldier 1
Destiny 4; Force 5, Strong in the Force
Init +9; Senses Perception +5
Languages Basic

Defenses Ref 19 (flat-footed 15), Fort 19, Will 20; Block, Deflect, Lightsaber Defense
hp 57; Threshold 16

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber 6 (2d84) or
Melee lightsaber 6 (2d85) with both hands or
Melee vibrodagger 3 (2d43)
Ranged sling 3 (1d41)
Base Atk 6; Grp 5
Atk Options Power Attack, Power Blast
Special Actions Battle Meditation, Lightsaber Defense, Lightsaber Throw
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +15) battle strike, Force lightning, rebuke

Abilities Str 12, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 16
Talents Battle Meditation, Block, Clear Mind, Deflect, Lightsaber Defense, Lightsaber Throw
Feats Force Boon, Force Sensitive, Force Training, Power Attack, Power Blast, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Strong in the Force, Weapon Focus (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (advanced melee, lightsabers, simple)
Skills Endurance +8, Initiative +8, Use the Force +15 (may reroll to avoid detection by other Force users but must keep the result of the reroll even if worse)
Possessions comlink, concealed holster, lightsaber, medpac, sling, vibrodagger

Force Powers

Force Lightning
Battle Strike


Lightsaber defense 1
Deflect [pdf]
Clear Mind [recap4]
Lightsaber Throw
Block [bio]
Force Pilot
Penetrating Attack Heavy Weapons


Weapon Proficiency Heavy Weapons
Force Sensitivity
Weapon Proficiency Pistol
Weapon Proficiency Lightsaber
Weapon Proficiency Simple
Skill Focus UTF
Force Training (1)
Force Boon
Vehicular Combat
Strong in the Force
Weapon Focus Lightsaber

ARC-170 Starfighter
3/6 Proton Torpedoes


Skyron Starwind

“It’s too risky Denjo, you’re too far gone. I must trust in the force that you will find your own way out of this.”

-Skyron, to Denjo Joora


Born to Sith parents, Treg and Lara Starwind, on the planet Doli. They all lived in a camp among a group of Sith influenced raiders, named the Plo Klennd Raiders, named after the Sith Lord who founded it, Plo Klennd. Nobody in the group was a Sith Lord or Apprentice they were almost all force sensitive, and most could manifest force powers. The last official Sith in the group was the founder.

Early Life on Doli

Skyron was born in 27BBY, and was recognized quickly as having a high force sensitivity, or high midi-chlorian count, the highest the group had seen in at least two generations. They taught him to use his force ability to fight, a fact that stays with him to this day; he has never successfully used Force Lightning, but he knows that he can now that he’s old enough. He can feel it. They were conditioning him to fight, particularly to fight Jedi.

When Skyron was 6 years old, the bandits were attacked by Jedi and Clone Troopers, who were on a mission to destroy a Separatist base. Normally they wouldn’t bother on an Outer Rim world, but they had information that there was a new weapon or ship being developed. They came across the camp, saw that there were sith force sensitives there, as well as children, and attacked. They rescued the four children there. Skyron, Aeon Kando (a 13 year old male human), Kooth Ju (a 8 year old Zabrak male), and Channa Salis (a 6 year old female human).

At the Jedi Temple

Skyron and Channa were chosen to train at the Jedi Temple, but Aeon and Kooth were not chosen, Aeon being too old, and Kooth having too low of a Midi-chlorian count. Both were sent to the Jedi Service Corps. Skyron and Channa spent a year being counseled for the trauma they experienced, and then started their training to be a Jedi.

Order 66 and escape

However, after only about a year of training tragedy struck. Order 66 was issued and the Jedi Temple was attacked by Anakin Skywalker. Skyron was off training in a different room when he happened to hear the attack. He saw Anakin attacking and immediately jumped out of a window. He scrambled into a nearby sewer grate. There, he overheard troopers talking about finding and killing any Jedi, and he knew that he needed to get out of his padawan clothing. He stripped off his clothes, leaving him wearing only underclothing. He knew that couldn’t last for long, so he planned out a route to the nearest marketplace and left after an hour. Unfortunately the nearest market was for female nobles. He snatched the nearest piece of clothing, a very nice dress.
He walked confidently to a starport, and hitched a ride to Corellia.

Early Days on Corellia

After arriving on Corellia, he disappeared quickly from the starport, and sold his dress at a nearby market and bought regular male clothing. He found a corner in the streets to sleep for the night, but he didn’t manage to get much sleep as the horror of what just happened finally caught up to him.

After a few days he managed to find his way to an orphanage. It’s there he lived for the next 2 years, however with little substantial food to eat. The orphanage was a kind place, but poorly funded. A few of the other children had taken to leaving during the night and pickpocketing a few coins to buy more food, making sure to buy at a different market than they stole at. This temptation was too much for Skyron, especially considering the short time he had positive influence in his life, and he joined these children. After a few months of this, he was noticed by a man known as the Red Magpie, his real name being Kazic Hunter, a famous thief on Corellia. He recruited Skyron to join his gang of thieves, offering him comfortable lodgings and good meals.


Skyron was a pickpocket for 6 years, not stealing very much at a time, not visiting the same person or market lockbox twice, and lived comfortably with the rest of the gang. Kazic was his mentor, and he grew fond of the aging thief. He taught Skyron everything about pickpocketing. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by his own second in command and wound up dead. It was after this that Skyron decided that he should lead a better life. However, his past is always right next to him, ready to take over if he slips.

Honing fighting skills

After that, Skyron tried to find legitimate work. He was now 14, so he worked lots of temporary jobs, things like moving things, working as a guard, and cleaning. During this time he started taking up sword fighting as a sport. With his Jedi and lightsaber past he was able to easily be the best in his groups and constantly moving up ranks. He wound up winning the regional championship before finally losing because everyone at that level has years more experience than him. He continued this life until he reached the age of 18. Filled with confidence, and feeling he was old enough, he decided to go back to Coruscant to where it all began, and figure out what he could do to reverse the wrongs inflicted on him and the rest of the Jedi.

Return to Coruscant

Skyron hopped on an imperial cruise ship to make his reconnaissance trip to Coruscant. However, the ship was taken over by hijackers, who Skyron wound up eventually fighting against alongside
Denjo Joora, Gweedo, Kal Auken, Marma Rumin, and Tarash Krandor. They fought the hijackers, and were detained by the imperial forces securing the ship. After a job shaking down a merchant, the imperials let them go, and released Marma and Ginger Campbell, an aid to Senator Bail Organa, both of whom had been arrested.

Skyron and the others then agreed to help Gweedo out on his job, delivering 2 assassin droids to Dax. On this job, the two were tracked by an imperial inquisitor, Inquisitor Phage. They almost made it to a starport to take Ginger to Alderaan, when Phage attacked their air speeder, and they made a crash landing. While being confronted by the inquisitor, they were helped by Lawrence ‘Law’ Keller who shot the inquisitor with a sniper bolt. Thus began their long run through the underworld of Coruscant, where they lost Denjo, and were being led by Narok, who specialized in getting people off planet. After several nearly deadly encounters with imperial forces, Cthon, and a Dianoga, they came upon the Lusyanka, which was being built. In the ship, they fought through more forces, and freed Denjo, who had been turned to the dark side, but then resisted through the course of the battle. They also rescued another Jedi, Trystan Holocombe.

After more deadly battle through the ship, resulting in the death of Narok, and the near death of everyone, they made in to a starport, and got to Alderaan.


The first months on Alderaan, Skyron spent planning with the group and training. They recieved a reward from Bail Organa, and finally had time to breathe.

Personality and traits

Skyron Starwind is confident and young, younger than someone should be to be responsible for their own fight against the dark side. However as their are few Jedi, it’s a necessary responsibility. Skyron lives a life hung in the balance of the force, while he strives to continue the light side of the force, his past always leaves him vulnerable to slipping to the dark side and being seduced by it.

He has a strong conviction in the Jedi way, even though he is minimally exposed to it. This is because he sees it as the only positive influence in his life, and if he is to remain a good person he feels he needs to follow the way of the Jedi.

Skyron Starwind

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