House Rule List

Rewards for service to the Campaign:

For Adventure Log Contributions:

Short Log ( 2 pages or less ) can merit a bonus feat, with several restrictions.

Detailed Log (3-5 well written accurate pages) can merit a bonus talent. Extra long contributions can merit bonus feat(s) in addition to that, but no more than 3 awards can be earned for any adventure.

A significant revision, edit, or amendment of an adventure log, something that brings it closer to publishing quality, adds funny quotes or other ways to enrich the experience can merit a bonus feat or talent.

Miscellaneous bonuses

Mini-Quest- A bonus talent can be earned for developing a plot that the group plays out. The player assumes a partial GM role in writing and even officiating the story arc.

Supplying new source book material or web conferencing tools that prove useful to the group can be worth a bonus talent.

Maximum Bonuses:

There is currently a cap on the number of bonuses that any one PC can earn.
A maximum of 3 talents and 3 feats can be earned from Log submissions.

A maximum of 1 extra talent and feat per character level will be enacted soon.

House Rule List

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